Holistic Therapies

Mountain Cottage would like to introduce Claire Dixon to all you lovely people who are looking for the ultimate Yurting experience. Claire will be available for holistic treatments but booking in advance is essential.

Hi I’m Claire, I’m a holistic therapist and am qualified through ITEC. I have been a therapist for over ten years and through my therapy I offer energy healing where I can help the body to heal itself mentally, physically and spiritually.

Swedish Massage – A classically softer, relaxing style of massage using techniques to create a fluid, adaptable, individual and truly artistic in nature treatment to ease you into a balanced state of body, mind and spirit.

Deep Tissue – Breaking down and releasing the tension generally found in the deeper muscles, tendons and ligaments of the body by applying greater pressure over the areas concerned. Increased flexibility and movement is generally experienced afterwards.

Reflexology – This is a holistic, complimentary therapy suitable for all ages using techniques to manipulate and treat the feet to effect the whole body bringing you back into a balanced state. By applying pressure to over 7000 nerve endings that are worked over during the treatments, blockages of energy are released encouraging a free flowing energy all over the body.

Indian Head Massage – This is an effective massage focused on working over the tension commonly found within the back, neck, shoulders and head. Indian head massage is a great reliever of stress, particularly important in the world of today. This treatment is beneficial to the whole body, mind and spirit helping to stimulate the nervous system.

Thai Foot Massage – This is an invigorating treatment that helps stimulate the body, providing better circulation. A Thai stick is used to apply pressure to certain points of the feet, leaving you feeling revitalised and energetic giving you a spring in your step.

Facials –  This treatment incorporates a series of pressure points to the face and head which helps ease you into a deep state of relaxation, shedding tension of the head and mind whilst using natural products to cleanse and tone the skin.

Reiki –  Meaning universal energy. This lovely treatment helps to open the chakras and unblock any stored emotions. Energy is transferred through the therapist to help with physical and spiritual healing.

Please call Claire directly on 07564469167